Lie Algebras, their Classification and Applications

University of Trento, 24 - 28 July 2005

This is a sequel to the conference with the same name, which was held at the TU Braunschweig, May 20-22, 2004. Arrival date is Sunday, July 24, departure date is Thursday, July 28. The conference will start in the morning of Monday, July 25, and end in the evening of Wednesday, July 27.
This Workshop is a satellite event to Groups St Andrews 2005.
  • Theoretic and algorithmic classification of Lie algebras
  • (Electronic) databases of Lie algebras of various types
  • Applications of Lie algebra classifications and databases
  • Relations between Lie algebras and groups
Main Speakers The following people have accepted to give lectures on a topic related to Groups, Lie Algebras and Computation:
  • Helmut Strade
  • Fritz Grunewald
  • Michel Goze
  • Elisabeth Remm
  • Laurent Bartholdi
  • Willem de Graaf
  • Csaba Schneider
  • Marina Avitabile
Programme The entries for some of the talks link to the slides used for the presentation.
  • The morning sessions will be dedicated to invited talks. (Chief executive organizer: Andrea Caranti.)
  • There will be two afternoon sessions for short communications. (CEO: Willem de Graaf.)
  • Another afternoon will be dedicated to an open session on classifications and databases, following the discussions we had in Braunschweig. (CEO: Csaba Schneider.)
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Financial support Some financial support is available for young participants. Please write to any of the organizers about that.
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